Introduction in English

Introduction in English
Introduction about JSDA
The Japan Service Dog Association, established in 2004, is a non-profit organization that aims to help those with physical disabilities live independently with service dogs. The association has Japan’s only service dog training center fully equipped with facilities capable of not only professional dog training but also collaborative live-in training with future owners, trainers, service dogs and physiotherapists. We strive to create a community of people and dogs, where disabilities are not a disadvantage.
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What are Service Dogs?

What are Service Dogs?
Service dogs are dogs that have undergone special training in order to help those with physical disabilities in the arms and legs. As guide dogs become the eyes of visually impaired and guide them around obstacles and street corners, service dogs become the arms and legs, helping the physically challenged with every day tasks.
In addition to providing physical support, service dogs also provide psychological support. By living with service dogs, users are able to go outside with less worry, allowing family members to leave the house more comfortably and talk to their neighbors more frequently; service dogs can therefore be expected to bring about a stronger, deeper connection between their users and their surrounding communities.

Tasks and Roles of Service Dogs

Tasks and Roles of Service Dogs
Main Tasks of Service Dogs
Main Tasks of Service Dogs
       Picking up dropped objects (i.e. coins, cards, keys, documents, etc.)
       Retrieving objects (i.e. pet bottles, wheel chairs, parking tickets, etc.)
       Enabling contact during emergencies (i.e. phone calls, family, emergency buttons, etc.)
Other Tasks
Other Tasks Required Depending on the Users’ Needs
       Opening/Closing doors
       Putting objects in places instructed by the user
       Helping users put on/take off clothes
       Pulling wheelchairs up slopes or small steps
       Turning on/off light switches or pressing elevator buttons
       Carrying bags
       Assisting users to stand or walk
       Assisting users in transferring from wheelchairs
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